024: Beckie Thompson: Entrepreneur & Founder of “I Don’t Want to be a Princess”

Five years ago, Beckie Thompson and her husband took a vacation to Disney World with their five-year-old daughter Keira. Everywhere they went in the park, Keira was greeted and referred to as “Princess.” After hearing this one too many times, she exclaimed  “Mommy, I don’t want to be a princess. I want to be a pilot.”

Over the next few years, Beckie gave a lot of thought to the wide-ranging implications of what Keira was expressing and began developing the idea of creating a business and movement.

Listen to the podcast to hear Beckie’s story followed by a special interview with Keira!

Encouraging girls and women to be anything they want is at the heart of Beckie’s work. She asks: “Why don’t we describe a girl based on her abilities and interests rather than as a fictional princess character? We don’t do that with boys!”

“I wondered why somebody didn’t do anything and then I realized I am somebody.”

This is Beckie’s favorite quote and it sums up why she created “I Don’t Want to be a Princess.”

Listen to this podcast to hear Beckie share:

  • Her story of founding the business and her future vision
  • Points to consider about how we describe girls vs. boys
  • Stories of women and girls who changed the world
  • How t-shirts can build confidence. Check out the t-shirts Beckie created so that girls and women can share their personalities and character.
  • Little known fact about Amelia Earhart – she had a fashion line!

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