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Hi, I’m Lisa. I help people to realize their talents and skills and take action to use them for a larger purpose.

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lisa_3Your skills, talents and knowledge could be used for an amazing, exciting purpose, and you’re ready to figure out what that is. You’re ready to put yourself first for a change – to start dreaming again and creating a vision for your future. 

Imagine waking up excited about the day ahead, looking forward to exploring a new opportunity, meeting new people, and stretching your capabilities.

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In-depth, candid conversations with people who are making a difference and living wholehearted, daring lives. You’ll laugh, learn, ponder, and maybe even take notes as you listen to practices and tips that you may want to apply to your life. Listen and be inspired.

074: Phillippe Diederich and the Cultural Influences That Shaped His Career(s)

Phillippe Diederich has many identities! Most people know him as an award-winning novelist, husband, and father. But before he was a writer, he was a professional photo-journalist with a home base in Miami, who traveled around the world on assignments. He worked in Cuba, New Zealand, and Haiti. He is a self-described nomad who enjoyed the early days of his career when he could walk the streets getting a pulse of the people. One of his other identities is mystery writer, Danny Lopez. He uses this pen name to write about Dexter Vega, a journalist turned private investigator. Read More >>

073: Christy Tehven – Building a Business With Love

Christy Tehven left her full-time marketing gig before she knew how she would spend her time, or make a living. Christy took some time for herself and went to a secluded cabin in the woods where she worked through Danielle Laporte’s book, The Fire Starter Sessions. This break gave Christy the clarity she needed to decide her next steps. And, with the encouragement of her husband, Greg, the two attended Action Camp. This program provided a safe and open space for Christy to voice her goals out loud, and accountability partners to support her when she felt like giving up. During this episode, Christy describes the ups and downs of her journey which resulted in the creation of her one-of-a-kind business, Love Always Floral. Read More >>

072: Paulette Boudreaux: Express Yourself Through Each Chapter of Life

Paulette Boudreaux, award-winning novelist joined me on the podcast to discuss the multi-decade journey that led to her groundbreaking novel, Mulberry, being published by Carolina Wren Press in October 2015. Her experiences include working as a journalist, a public relations professional, an English professor, and earning her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree all while raising her daughter as a single mother. She also discusses moving from Mississippi to San Francisco in 1970 in the midst of a school desegregation movement and how that impacted her. Paulette says that despite living on the West Coast most of her life, her inner monologue has a Southern drawl. Read More >>

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