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Hi, I’m Lisa. I help experienced professionals create more fulfilling careers and lives.

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Career and Life Coaching

Does this sound familiar?

You’re an experienced professional whose work is no longer fulfilling.

You’ve been struggling with making much needed changes in your career and life.

Your resume doesn’t present your qualifications as effectively as it could, but you’re not sure how to improve it.

You have a long list of things that you know you should be doing, but finding the energy to make them happen seems impossible!

You’d like to make a career change but you’re not clear on how to do that. You’re not alone. I can help!

Ever Better Podcasts

In-depth, candid conversations with people who are making a difference and living wholehearted, daring lives. You’ll laugh, learn, ponder, and maybe even take notes as you listen to practices and tips that you may want to apply to your life. Listen and be inspired.

082: The Healing Power of Salt Caves with Janine Narayadu

Janine Narayadu

My guest today owns a business that I refer to as “My Happy Place.”  Her name is Janine Narayadu and her business is The Bethesda Salt Cave. In addition to housing a relaxing and healing salt cave, customers can benefit from massages, yoga classes, and sound bowl concerts. And…as an extra bonus…they have a unique store filled with salt lamps, jewelry, and natural products that Janine creates. In this podcast Janine shares her story of discovering salt caves and their healing properties, and how she turned a solo massage practice into a rapidly expanding business. Read More >>

081: Making Life Changes Step-by-Step with Margaret Ruff

Margaret Ruff, Career Transition

Margaret Ruff is an educator at heart and lifelong learner who coaches executives and school administrators using the Immunity to Change model. During this podcast we talk about Margaret’s career transitions, drawing on multiple intelligences, and how children and adults are similar. Read More >>

080: Dr. Sheela Reddy – Speaking Out and #MeToo for Indian Women

Dr. Sheela Reddy is a psychologist, executive coach, and mother of two girls, who is passionate about helping women who are suffering through domestic abuse. Growing up in India, Sheela suffered domestic abuse throughout her childhood. Her way of coping was finding people whom she could count on, people who she referred to as her other mothers. She asked for help – and received it. At an early age she recognized that she had the power to assist others who were suffering and has been using her innate gifts ever since. In this podcast she talks about her journey from India, shares her thoughts about the importance of speaking out, especially for Asian women, about resilience, and she offers resources.  Read More >>

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Speaking and Facilitating


Lisa’s messages of transition, resilience, and the power of podcasts are perfect for hands-on workshops, webinars, or keynotes.
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