Does this sound familiar?

You’re an experienced professional whose work is no longer fulfilling.

You’ve been struggling with making much needed changes in your career and life.

Your resume doesn’t present your qualifications as effectively as it could, but you’re not sure how to improve it.

You have a long list of things that you know you should be doing, but finding the energy to make them happen seems impossible!

You’d like to make a career change but you’re not clear on how to do that. You’re not alone. I’m Lisa. I can help!

One of these Ever Better Career Coaching options may be right for you.

1:1 Career and Life Coaching

Is dissatisfaction with your career impacting every facet of your life? If you’d like 1:1 assistance with crystallizing your future career path and creating a plan to achieve your goals…this option is for you. Through the process we’ll update your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect the opportunities you’d like to pursue, and I’ll hold you accountable for taking the next steps.
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Just-In-Time Job Application

If you find yourself saying, “I found the perfect job opportunity and want to apply NOW! But… my resume needs to be updated, I’m scared of behavioral interviewing, and I might not be a perfect fit for this position. Maybe I won’t bother applying after all.”
Please don’t give up. I can help!
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