Fresh perspectives or impactful team-building would make a world of difference to your group.

Contact us to discuss creating and facilitating a customized workshop, keynote or interactive training experience. A sampling of topics includes:

  • Always be networking

  • Boundaries: setting and respecting

  • Career transitions

  • Create your most fulfilling career and life

  • Demonstrate thought leadership

  • Elevate your career

  • Personal branding and why it matters

  • Productivity hacks

  • Resilience

  • Challenging conversations

  • Collaborative cultures

  • Establishing career paths

  • Executive leadership expectations

  • Impactful teams

  • Individual and team goals

  • Leadership skills for new managers

  • Strategic road maps

  • Work-life balance

These interactive workshops are customized for a variety of organizations including:

1) Companies, non-profits, associations and other organizations with on-site or remote employees

2) Real estate groups

3) Alumni organizations

4) Associations, groups and clubs that offer personal and professional development programs

6) Summer camps for grown-ups

Ready to brainstorm solutions? Let’s get started!


"Thank you for hosting an outstanding workshop! You are amazing. I really appreciate your professional style in gathering information and putting us at ease. It was indeed an open and safe environment to be professionally vulnerable."

“In addition to providing truly valuable information to our participants, she was a pleasure to work with. Lisa's giving and peaceful aura is truly contagious and I can't recommend her more emphatically.”

“Lisa is a delightful speaker and workshop facilitator. She is organized, upbeat, clear, smart, and inspiring. Her hands on approach, quick thinking, and actionable advice made the program very memorable! Lisa is a natural people person and a go-getter on behalf of her clients.”

“Ever since meeting Lisa, I have been inspired by her compassionate and thoughtful approach to her work. Last week, she facilitated a workshop for our alumni group. The participants widely ranged in age and experience, but that was not a deterrent for this master coach. EVERY ONE OF THEM came out of the session connected to each other and with a different perspective on what might happen next in their careers. The energy was palpable and the group has continued engaging with one another. I am so grateful to have Lisa in my corner and will continue to engage her amazing services whenever I can!”