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Are you inspired by the journeys of entrepreneurs who turned an idea into a thriving, impactful organization?

So am I!

I coach individuals who create amazing results and continuously strive to reach the next level. Many are founders with extraordinary resilience and creativity.

And, while I coach them to achieve even greater heights, I’ve recognized that their stories contain lessons-within-lessons that can be used to elevate your business, personal life and career. I created the Founders and Startups Podcast to share these stories.

Listen to the podcast to learn, and laugh, with founders of for-profit and non-profit organizations. They’ve each achieved significant growth in revenue, employees or overall impact. And, they represent diverse ventures, geography, race, gender and global impact.

Each podcast begins with a YouTube Live Broadcast. Join us for the next live broadcast and submit a question while the conversation unfolds!

Subscribe and listen to the Founders and Startups Podcast on Apple Podcasts

My first podcast, Ever Better®, inspiring conversations with people living extraordinary lives, is still available through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, or iHeartRadio.

Ever Better Podcast Reviews

“Lisa and her guests provide wonderful inspiration for all areas of our life. Love the positive energy and the information on step by step action one can take to be motivated and overcome challenges and procrastination!”

“Lisa does an amazing job of bringing in outstanding and encouraging guests! Listen to this podcast is uplifting and motivating. I highly recommend it!”

“I love the journal episodes and recommend them if you only have a little time to listen. I think it's genius to give a critical summary of a few shows periodically. Great way to both digest highlights and/or see the connections that Lisa has made through her work.”

“Lisa is endearing, heart-warming and honest. this podcast captures the essence of intentional living, and delivers in a tone that draws the audience in and satisfies.”

“I love Lisa's podcast because the way they flow are clear, concise, inspiring and actionable. I take something away from every guest and Lisa has a way of finding true gems of people who have a unique skill set and a HUGE heart.“

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