You’re recognized as a visionary leader but you have the feeling that something is missing.

You’re a risk-taker who has achieved extraordinary results.

You’re considered highly successful by most standards.

You command respect when you walk into a room, and people frequently seek your opinion.

Your colleagues think of you as Wonder Woman or Superman and look to you for strategic decision making. Most of the time this feels amazing but lately it’s become a burden.

You’ve driven five-year strategic plans, created mission and vision statements, and even crafted company values. But you haven’t taken the time to craft a life that feels fulfilling – that allows you to make a difference at the level you know is possible.

If you’re ready to more intentionally create a fulfilling future – I can help.

I partner with clients to tackle their greatest challenges and expand their perspective of what’s possible.

I’m a trusted coach with unique experiences as a business and non-profit leader, entrepreneur, communications expert and team-builder.

Where others see limitations I see opportunities!

Would you like to:

  • Gain clarity and confidence as you take your next steps?

  • Discover what’s been holding you back?

  • Move past the fear of taking bigger risks than you ever have before?

  • Have a trusted advisor to give you candid, honest feedback?

If so, here’s how we can work together…

Our partnership will begin with a candid conversation about your challenges. Together, we’ll define measures of success and assess progress during our confidential sessions.

I’ll create a custom coaching program to address your challenges and help propel you to the next level.

My coaching meetings aren’t scripted and I don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” agenda. And, I’m certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the College of Executive Coaching.

After our sessions, clients often say they feel…




If you’d like to achieve clarity, feel inspired and create from a place of inspiration, I invite you to schedule a confidential consultation using my calendar. Or, send me an email at

Areas of focus often include:

  • Increasing impact in current role

  • Elevating executive presence

  • Building high-performing teams

  • Increasing emotional intelligence

  • Transitioning to a new role

  • Creating a more inclusive culture

  • Initiating crucial conversations

  • Developing leadership skills

  • Improving work/life balance

  • Addressing blind spots

  • Identifying untapped potential

  • Preparing for public speaking/media interviews

For more information about me, download my resume and one-page coaching description.

Ready to move forward?
To request a confidential and complimentary consultation:


“The things I most appreciated about working with Lisa were… 1) Her adaptability and motivation. 2) Her quality coaching skills that kept me motivated. 3) Her positive outlook and ability to highlight progress and successes. 4) Having worked with three other coaches, my experience with Lisa has been the most productive. I attribute this to her adaptability and desire to help clients find and apply their purpose.”

“I am very lucky and fortunate to have worked with Lisa as my Executive and Leadership Coach. The last four months was a period of great transition for me in several areas of my life. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her understanding of cross-cultural situations. And I really enjoyed her positive energy. I am very grateful to have had Lisa as my coach.”

“My decision to work with Lisa was one of the best decisions in my professional career. Lisa has a keen ability to determine exactly what support is needed to uncover what should be examined. Her positive attitude, effective listening skills and creative strategies were very effective. She created a valuable process structure that helped me continually make progress towards my goals. I always left our sessions feeling a higher level of confidence, motivation and excitement.”