Your Career Lens

Have you been considering whether your current job will help you to achieve your career goals? Moving to a new position with a different organization is a significant step.

How do you decide when to take the leap and when to stay put?

Create a lens for looking at your current job vs. where you'd like to be using the prompts below.

Complete each prompt with whatever comes to mind first, knowing that as you gain perspective and experience, your answers will evolve.

I would like to work for an organization that helps/does:

In this job I will:

My co-workers will be:

Supervising others is (important / not important):

I will work from: (home / an office building / a co-working space):

My office will be located in:

I will work _______ hours and earn $ ___________ per week/year.

I prefer this type of work schedule:

My role and job title will be:

I need to learn more about:

After writing out your answers rank them in order of importance with a 1, 2 or 3. Mark the items that are most important to you with a 1 and the least critical with a 3. Anything moderately important should get a 2.

Read through your 1’s. This is a new way of looking at your current career situation!

If you complete this exercise and recognize that your current job doesn't provide most of your 1's, that's a strong signal that it's time to weigh your options.

But don't overlook opportunities within your current company. If you're working for an organization with a great culture and benefits, consider researching jobs within other departments that might help to grow your career in the right direction.

When considering career options, you might not be able to get all your 1's, but think carefully about accepting a position that doesn't provide your most important items.

What do you see through your career lens?

Are you in a fulfilling job that matches your career goals? Or, are you putting in your time, eagerly awaiting the weekend?

If you’d like to discuss how to shift your career lens: