What Do You Want?

I just returned from our annual Vogt family, Outer Banks (OBX) vacation. We had sunny weather, a great time together, and amazing food. It was the continuation of a 15+ year tradition and a fantastic week!

OBX is a 200-mile long string of peninsulas and barrier islands in Virginia and North Carolina that run roughly north to south. The Atlantic Ocean, with beautiful, uncrowded beaches is on the east. The Currituck Sound, optimal for kayaking, fishing, crabbing and watching the sunset, is on the west.

As our vacation was winding down last year, I floated a tradition-breaking idea of getting a house on the sound rather than the ocean for 2019. I pointed out the benefits of easy access to fishing, crabbing, kayaking, and amazing sunset views right outside of our home. (You see, I love peacefully paddling on a relatively calm body of water. In my experience, a kayak outing in the ocean always involves rough waters and a capsized boat. Exciting - but not ideal for relaxation or exercise!)

Unfortunately, I was the only one who valued the many advantages of a house on the sound side. Sigh…

As we approached our rented beach home this year, I spotted North Duck Watersports adjacent to the sound.

My brain bubbled with possibility as I checked out kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and other water toys. How had I not noticed this well-established business before?!

Within 15 minutes I had rented a kayak for the week and was joyfully paddling through the water with fish jumping around me, the largest butterflies I’ve ever seen flapping past, and ospreys flying far above my head.

Each morning of our beach week, I walked to North Duck Watersports, selected a life preserver and paddle, and settled into my kayak for a peaceful outing.

Eventually it occurred to me…a house on the sound wasn't necessary...what I really wanted was access to a kayak! A much easier solution!

I’m laughing at myself as I write this because as a coach I help clients to recognize what they really need to create a more fulfilling life. Had I discussed the OBX vacation with my coach, I probably would have recognized what I really wanted years ago!

So today I leave you with these questions…

What do you want?
Why is that important to you?
How might you achieve or attain it?
Now...what do you really want?