How You See the World Matters

Tauck has built a business around high-end travel allowing their customers to experience and see the world in comfort. Their tagline, "How You See the World Matters," perfectly expresses the value they bring. Whether it's a safari, a river cruise or front-row seats to a jazz festival, there's a good chance that their clients will have a memorable experience visiting an extraordinary environment.

Flipping through their catalog or website is an experiment in possibility.

A private ocean safari, a spice tour (what's that?!), beach resort stays, exploring our national's all possible!

If you focused on the price tag, you might be fooled into thinking that those trips are out of your reach. I recommend taking advantage of Tauck's descriptions and images to help you to see the world more expansively! They've given you an incredible gift of visualizing possibilities without ever having to enroll in one of their trips.

How you see the world matters. What do you see when you look at a picture of hot air balloons?

Some see danger and the possibility of falling from the sky.

Others see an adventure that they'll never have the opportunity to try.

Still others see their future. They don't know how or when they'll go up in a balloon but they plan to make it happen somehow.

How do you see the world?

Is it full of danger? A world of adventures that are out of your reach? Or, do you live in a world of opportunities?

If you don't see opportunity everywhere you look, I invite you to try seeing the world differently.

Chances are, by looking at the world as full of possibility rather than an unwelcoming place where you can't get what you want, you'll soon find yourself on the rise.

Ask yourself, "What if I were offered a job that allows me to use all my professional skills, that pays well, and is located in the city I'd prefer to live in?" Seeing the world as a place full of opportunity will allow you to answer these questions:

  • What would that job look like?

  • How would it feel to show up for work the first day?

  • Who might be able to help you secure or create that job?

  • What if my career were to rise like a hot air balloon giving me a view of everything beneath me and around me with perfect clarity?

If imagining a more expansive career isn't working, I invite you to browse through travel websites or catalogs and imagine a life where you can visit any of these destinations. Once you’re thinking more freely about travel, the same mindset will transfer to thoughts about your career.

If you’re still having a tough time seeing past where you are in your career, go to a library or bookstore and spend some time looking through business magazines like Fortune, Forbes, and Inc. And maybe take a step further and subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. Of course, you can always read their articles online but the impact of seeing images and words on the printed page in a different location can be significant.

Fill your mind with images of possibility and I guarantee that how you see the world will start to shift!

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