Have you been wishing that you had a more fulfilling career? But you're held back by the belief that it's too late to make a change?

Here's the reality...It's only too late if you believe it's too late!

14 months ago I left my corporate marketing job to become a full-time executive and leadership coach. I was 53 when I made that transition.

My friend Tammy just stepped into a role that draws on her management and government experience. She’s starting a new career chapter at age 72.

But you don’t need to wait until your hair starts turning gray before making a change!

One of my clients switched careers at 32. She was highly skilled and worked around-the-clock to ensure that all events she planned went off without a hitch. But she didn’t want to be an event planner her entire career. So she stepped into her discomfort, and together we identified a new path forward. She’s now thriving in a business development role.

Here’s a first step for making a career one thing that makes you thing outside of your comfort zone. It doesn’t need to be career related. Just embrace being a beginner.

I dare myself to do one challenging thing each day.

Yesterday, I did a class at the gym called Bang! It’s a high-energy combination of hip hop and Bollywood dancing, Zumba, kick boxing and aerobics. (I know that sounds crazy - but I couldn’t make that up!)

Yes, I was uncomfortable! But I had a great workout and found myself smiling through my imperfection and dancing like no one was watching!

Building your “discomfort muscles” can be painful and embarrassing. But afterwards you'll enjoy a sense of accomplishment and find it easier take on bigger challenges.

Today I challenge you to do one thing that makes you feel like a beginner.

And tomorrow, do another thing.

And the next day do another thing.

Eventually discomfort will become your new normal and you’ll naturally seek out opportunities for growth.

Watch out when this happens! You might catch yourself exploring new career paths, planning trips, creating new friendships, signing up for classes, and other things that you would never have done before!

I can't wait to hear about your growth!