About the Ever Better Podcast

In December 2015 I launched the Ever Better Podcast on iTunes (now known as Apple Podcasts). My goals were to create a platform for sharing positive stories of career and life transitions, to have in-depth conversations with interesting and inspiring people, and to become more confident in sharing my voice. After creating 89 episodes over more than two years, I found that I had accomplished what I set out to do and put podcast production on hold. Creating a podcast can be time-consuming and this allowed me to focus more attention on my coaching practice.

Although I won’t be creating new Ever Better Podcasts for the foreseeable future, you can find all episodes on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play or iHeartRadio.

I’m continuing to use my knowledge as a podcast producer and to help clients create their own podcasts or blogs - a key step in sharing their thought leadership. And I’m continuing to develop my voice through sharing what I hope are inspiring messages through this blog and on LinkedIn.

Although the Ever Better podcast is on hiatus, please subscribe below to get a boost of optimism from my weekly emails!