Have you created a fulfilling career that you love?

Or, did you fall into your job based on pay, geography, family expectations or because it was the first one offered to you?

Have you been telling yourself that despite the financial rewards and prestige associated with your position, this is the year that you’ll make a change?

Did you envision making a difference in the world that you’re still struggling to make happen?

Taking control of your career doesn’t necessarily require leaving your current job.

Looking closely at behaviors and beliefs that might be limiting your progress, exploring how you can provide the leadership needed to change a toxic culture, and shifting your perspective can all make a big difference.

And, if those actions don’t improve your job satisfaction, it might be time to explore other opportunities.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re a recognized leader but you have the feeling that something is missing.

  • Your colleagues think of you as Superman or Wonder Woman. Most of the time this feels amazing but lately it’s become a large burden to live up to.

  • You’ve driven five-year strategic plans, created mission and vision statements, and even crafted company values. But you haven’t taken the time to shape a life that feels fulfilling – that allows you to make a difference at the level you know is possible.

  • Work stress is impacting your personal relationships.

You’re not alone. I can help!

I’m Lisa Conners Vogt, MBA, CPC, APR - an Executive and Leadership Coach hired by individuals and organizations to elevate careers and lives.

Where others see limitations I see opportunities!

Would you like to:

  • Achieve a more positive outlook and greater fulfillment in your career and personal life while driving extraordinary results?

  • Move past the fear of taking risks that you know are necessary to accomplish even more?

  • Have a trusted advisor who will give you candid, honest feedback?

If so, I invite you to schedule a confidential, introductory discussion with me. 

Or, if you’d rather send me an email, I can be reached at Lisa@EverBetterU.com

Here’s what my clients are saying:

“The things I most appreciated about working with Lisa were… 1) Her adaptability and motivation. 2) Her quality coaching skills that kept me motivated. 3) Her positive outlook and ability to highlight progress and successes. 4) Having worked with three other coaches, my experience with Lisa has been the most productive. I attribute this to her adaptability and desire to help clients find and apply their purpose.”

“Lisa is able to see each person’s life as a beautiful mosaic. She takes all the parts that might seem unrelated and uses them to help her clients see themselves as a work of art.”

“I am very lucky and fortunate to have worked with Lisa as my Executive and Leadership Coach. The last four months was a period of great transition for me in several areas of my life. I was very impressed by her professionalism and her understanding of cross-cultural situations. And I really enjoyed her positive energy. I am very grateful to have had Lisa as my coach.”

"You helped me change my career path and I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.“

“Since I started working with Lisa I have a much clearer view of where I’d like to go in my career and how to get there. I’m more aware of how to use my skills and experience to get different kinds of freelance work, and I’ve already landed several new projects. I’m more disciplined about how I use my time, and I’m more likely to take on new opportunities that seemed daunting before.”

“Thank you for hosting an outstanding workshop! You are amazing. I really appreciate your personal style in gathering information and putting us at ease. It was indeed an open and safe environment to be professionally vulnerable. I hope others get to have this experience.”

“Lisa Conners Vogt hosted a workshop on podcasting for Street Entrepreneurs which was absolutely invaluable. In addition to providing truly valuable information to our entrepreneurs, she was a pleasure to work with. Lisa's giving and peaceful aura is truly contagious and I can't recommend her more emphatically.”

“I attended Lisa’s workshop at The Power Conference. At the end of a long day of exciting workshops, I was definitely running out of gas. I was immediately energized by Lisa’s exuberant, upbeat disposition. Even more amazing was the level at which she allowed herself to be vulnerable as she shared her journey. Instant connection! That was just the beginning. Lisa’s workshop was interesting, engaging and interactive.”

“I highly recommend you!!!”

“Lisa listens to understand instead of listening to reply. Lisa made me feel heard and that was something long missing in my life not to mention my search for a more meaningful career.”

“I consider Lisa a mentor and friend. Through working with her I had so much self discovery and found my passion and am going for it! I will absolutely call on Lisa in the future as I value her service and her willingness to be a true collaborative partner. I would recommend her to anyone who wants more than just a job but rather a revelation of what is possible.”

“My decision to work with Lisa was one of the best decisions in my professional career. I wanted to pause and very carefully examine where I wanted my career to go and what I needed to work on to get there. Lisa has a keen ability to determine exactly what support is needed to uncover what should be examined. Her positive attitude, effective listening skills and creative strategies were very effective. She created a valuable process structure that helped me continually make progress towards my goals. I always left our sessions feeling a higher level of confidence, motivation and excitement. Lisa has such a powerful manner of connecting and making you feel supported. She has a tremendous work ethic and goes beyond what I would have expected. I know that my time working with Lisa has made an enormous impact on who I am as a professional and contributes to all my success.”

“I had a wonderful experience working with Lisa, and I’ve already recommended her to several friends. She’s warm and encouraging and helps keep you on track to get to the next level.”

“Lisa Conners Vogt is a delightful speaker and workshop facilitator. She is organized, upbeat, clear, smart, and inspiring. She facilitated an interactive workshop, How to Change Jobs Like a PRO, at the Workplace, a Business Resource & Innovation Center at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Her hands on approach,quick thinking, and actionable advice made the program very memorable! Attendees were able to break through their shells to discover the next steps in their career transition or job search in a way that was genuine and unique to each person. Lisa is a natural people person and go-getter.

“Ever since meeting Lisa, I have been inspired by her compassionate and thoughtful approach to her work. Last week, she facilitated a workshop for our University of Denver alumni group. The participants widely ranged in age and experience, but that was not a deterrent for this master coach. EVERY ONE OF THEM came out of the session connected to each other and with a different perspective on what might happen next in their careers. The energy was palpable and the group has continued engaging with one another. I am so grateful to have this lady in my corner and will continue to engage her amazing services whenever I can!”