I help experienced professionals pursue more fulfilling careers and lives.

You lead a full life but feel unfulfilled. Your career looks impressive to others but it’s sapping your energy. You’re ready to make a change.
I can help!

Take Your Next Career Step

Does this sound familiar?

Instead of enjoying the rewards of a 20+ year career, you’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and are struggling to find another job.

You’re a seasoned professional with years of experience, yet your opinions are not considered or respected as they should be. And, it’s frustrating to not have more control over your own work.

On Sunday afternoon, you start getting anxious about going to work the next day.And, when you wake up Monday morning you dread getting out of bed.

Sometimes you feel determined to leave your current position and consider updating your resume. But then you have a good day at work and lose momentum. Deep down you know you need to make a move but there are so many steps to take.

You feel overwhelmed and aren’t making the progress that you could be.

You’d like to make a career change job but you’re not clear on how to do that.

You’re not alone. I can help!

I’m Lisa, a career and life coach who helps experienced professionals take their next steps.

Over a 30 year career, I’ve gone from corporate leadership positions to consulting, to business owner, to non-profit, and back to corporate. Now, I serve experienced professionals full-time as a career and life coach. And, as producer of the Ever Better Podcast® I share stories of inspiring career and life transitions.

Having ridden the roller-coaster of multiple professional and personal transitions, I understand what you’re experiencing. I’ve been there!

Fed up with corporate politics, passed-over for promotion, not getting the recognition that my work deserved, feeling that I was no longer challenged professionally…these are just some of the reasons that I was driven to make career transitions.

Despite sometimes working well over 40-hour weeks, I made time to network, develop my skills outside of the office, research opportunities, and keep my resume updated. And, when I reached the point that I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, I was positioned to choose a direction and go for it!

I hope that you’ve been developing your skills and network, but even if you haven’t, we’ll work together so that opportunities open up to you. It’s often said that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” We’ll ensure that you’re prepared to meet the opportunities that are out there waiting for you!  And, as we work together, you’ll grow more confident as you pursue them!

Would you like to:

  • Wake up in the morning excited and energized about your work?
  • Know that you are developing your abilities and talents and using them to make a difference in the world?
  • Work with people who inspire and motivate you?
  • Lead or contribute to a mission that you believe in – knowing at the end of the day that you’ve accomplished something meaningful?


Here’s how I can help

I don’t just help clients update their resumes and LinkedIn profiles (although that’s an important part of the process), I help them to articulate and envision their future…the next 10, 20, or 30 years, and identify the steps to get them there.

Each of my coaching packages is customized to my clients’ needs. However, core activities and steps that form the heart of my practice are:

  • Getting clear on personal and professional aspirations
  • Identifying the gaps between your aspirations and your current life
  • Identifying goals and creating a plan to get there
  • Acting as accountability partner, holding you to the steps needed to accomplish your goals. These might include:
  • Helping you get unstuck when you feel like your progress has stalled
  • Assessing your skills, talents, and interests to help identify potential positions
  • Editing or creating your resume, bio, and LinkedIn profile
  • Creating a plan for developing a broader network and tapping into your current contacts
  • Identifying opportunities to deepen or broaden your skills to help achieve your goals


Ready to make progress on your career transition? Let’s get started!

If you’d like to explore working together, I’ll set aside 60 minutes on my calendar to learn about you and to start helping you move forward. This will be a confidential and complimentary call.

To get started, send me an email at Lisa@EverBetterU.com letting me know you’d like to talk.

I look forward to talking to you soon!