074: Phillippe Diederich and the Cultural Influences That Shaped His Career(s)

Phillippe Diederich has many identities! Most people know him as an award-winning novelist, husband, and father. But before he was a writer, he was a professional photo-journalist with a home base in Miami, who traveled around the world on assignments. He worked in Cuba, New Zealand, and Haiti. He is a self-described nomad who enjoyed the early days of his career when he could walk the streets getting a pulse of the people.

One of his other identities is mystery writer, Danny Lopez. He uses this pen name to write about Dexter Vega, a journalist turned private investigator.

He’s also the husband of Lorraine Ladish, who shared the story of growing her digital empire, Viva Fifty, in Ever Better Episode 63.

A man of the world, Phillippe draws us into his experiences with every scene that he writes. You can find his books on Amazon. They are: Sofrito, Playing for the Devil’s Fire, and The Last Girl (a Danny Lopez mystery.)

During this episode, Phillippe shares the stories behind his stories, how he became a photo-journalist and then a novelist, and where he took some of his favorite photos.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Phillippe’s origin story, and how he became a photojournalist.
[14:24] Much of Phillippe’s fiction work centers around Cuba, and his first piece was the leader of a Harley Davidson club there.
[27:29] Playing for the Devil’s Fire addresses the changing landscape of a small town in Mexico from a young boy’s point of view.
[35:58] Danny Lopez is a pseudonym Phillippe uses to separate his adult work from his young adult stories.
[41:13] Phillippe and his wife, Lorraine Ladish, share the belief that we are only here for a short period of time.

Harley Davidson riders in Cuba, a Phillippe Diederich photograph.

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