023: Marc Winn, Catalyst for Change: Making Guernsey the Best Place to Live on Earth by 2020

Marc Winn is a catalyst for change who lives on the island of Guernsey, a country unto itself in the English Channel. Marc’s goal is to make Guernsey the best place to live on Earth by 2020. This might sound like an audacious goal, and many probably told him he was crazy when he first said these words out loud, but their newly elected president of ran on the platform of making Guernsey the best place to live on Earth by 2026! Thus demonstrating the impact of his work as a change agent.

Marc works outside of organized government but has an on-going dialogue with elected officials about improving government and society. And he hopes that his experiments will have an impact in other countries.

Here are some of Marc’s quotes from the podcast:

  • “The future of democracy doesn’t look anything like it is right now.”
  • “We’re not creating a following, we’re creating a collective leadership.”
  • “There is a consciousness revolution happening in the world right now.”
  • “Alternative education needs to become mainstream education.”
  • “Never let how get in the way of starting a dream.”
  • “Speak out loud what you want to do in the world. Someone out there will have a piece of the puzzle.”

Under the umbrella of The Dandelion Project, Marc and other volunteers (Marc is not compensated for his work) create and produce events and learning opportunities. In the podcast we spend more time discussing how change is happening in Guernsey and throughout the world than we do on specific projects please visit MarcWinn.com to learn more.

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  •  Making revolutionary change happen within a single layer of government vs. the local, state and federal systems in the U.S.
  • Flow-based learning methods such as Montessori. Consider that the Google founders grew up in an environment that values play.
  • Evolving the school system to eliminate the link to the harvest and the industrial revolution.
  •  Having children work on challenging world issues so that they can solve problems with fearlessness and curiosity.
  • Allowing children a safe space to fail.
  • The link between mental health issues and the decrease in free play.
  • Teaching children neuroscience to understand the role that marketing plays in business. Decision making in the brain.
  • Advances in telepathy; it will change the world!
  • Moving beyond scarcity thinking.
  • The Biocybernaut Institute and how you can change your brain waves .
  • Consciousness tech.
  • The impact of Singularity University.

Check out Marc’s podcast, Coffee from the Edge. We discuss his episode with Erin Matlock, founder of Brain Summit.

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