016: Taking Your Voice Back with Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody is a conduit for change!
From the moment she speaks you’ll understand her power to help those who want to uncover and discover who and what they are truly meant to be and do.

Joleene believes that talents aren’t meant to sit idle. They are the key to your absolute abundance. Always.
Joleene is a former television reporter and anchor turned keynote speaker, author and blogger.

After getting punched in the head while covering a story, Joleene finally left a job she found dissatisfying to fulfill her dreams and earn the income she desired.


In this podcast we discuss:

  • Joleene’s journey from anchor to speaker, author and blogger,
  • Realizing a job is not right (or healthy) after getting punched in the head while covering a story at the courthouse,
  • What it means to be an entrepreneur and blogger,
  • Having impact – learning that someone decided not to commit suicide after hearing her talk,
  • Coming back from burnout,
  • Practicing gratitude,
  • Cultivating multiple income streams,
  • Being grounded in grace,
  • Living in the now,
  • Never giving up, and
  • Writing and producing a play.


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