013: Mind/Body Fitness with Jessie Marshall

Jessie Marshall teaches pilates mat, pilates reformer, yoga, barre classes, is a personal trainer and the Mind/Body Director at Bethesda Sport & Health.


Jessie began her fitness journey in college when she felt empowered to take ownership of her health for the first time in her life. She majored in Health Promotion and Women’s studies with a plan to work for a non-profit focused on women’s health advocacy. But as she spent more time at the gym and began working with clients, she found that she loved helping people as a personal trainer. Once she discovered Pilates her mind/body career began to blossom and she soon had a successful career.


I take a Pilates Reformer class with Jessie so I blame her for my sore muscles every Tuesday and credit her for my improved strength, posture, and flexibility.


We discuss:

  • Discovering the importance of fitness
  • Helping clients to regain strength and flexibility
  • Joseph Pilates and the history of “his” exercises
  • Pilates equipment
  • Applying Pilates principles while sitting and walking
  • Mind/body disciplines including yoga and barre
  • Meditating
  • Making soap
  • The gracefulness of cats

Jessie demonstrates a Pilates exercise on the Reformer (left) and on the Cadillac (right).

The best Pilates sessions include fun classmate, like Sandra and Blair (photo-bombing)!







Jessie’s Resources 

Bethesda Sport & Health



Getting at the Core of Fitness, by Jessie Marshall


Meditation Resources

Candle Meditation Technique

Guided Meditations, by Tara Brach


Connect with Jessie


Unclad Soap


13-4When Jessie’s not at the gym, she’s often at home, making soap!