010: Positive Energy From Cheryl Wood

Cheryl Wood is a corporate keynote speaker, leadership coach, author and creator of the Play Time is Over Women In Business Conference.


Seven years ago, Cheryl took her first entrepreneurial steps. She was working long hours as a legal secretary and felt disconnected from her husband, children and community. And she was determined to change her life.


Cheryl began by putting positive, inspiring messages into the world through t-shirts celebrating women and moms. 18 months later she was asked to speak at a conference and found her true calling as a speaker and coach. Cheryl is now a sought after motivational speaker and full-time entrepreneur helping women to become beacons of inspiration for each other through boldly sharing their stories and their truth.


We discuss:

  • The importance of “staying on the grind” and bringing your “A-game” to every situation
  • Cheering yourself on through positive affirmations
  • Battling self doubt and walking through fear
  • Increasing your reach through developing skills, expertise and your network
  • Connecting and empowering women through the Play Time Is Over Conference
  • Being guided and strengthened by God
  • Raising children as entrepreneurs
  • Getting started before things are perfect

Cheryl’s favorite quote:

“Find the thing you love doing, and do it so well, that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

– Maya Angelou


Cheryl Wood provides Opening Plenary Session keynote remarks at 2015 BIG National Training Institute in Orlando Florida.



Cheryl’s Resources


Books by Cheryl Wood

The Fearless Living Experience

The Glamourless Side of Entrepreneurship – What They Didn’t Tell You About Being a Woman in   Business

How I Flatlined and Woke Up In 45 Days

The Power to Sizzle – Transformational Power Thoughts for Creating the Life You Want


Books by Cheryl’s Daughter

Jayana Wood’s website where you can find her books, The Little Book of Youth Tips and Opening My Imagination.



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