002: Nathalie Nozile, A Legal Force for Vulnerable Children

Nathalie was named one of the 10 heroes of 2015 by SOS Children’s Villages International. And, here’s why…


Nathalie is an attorney specializing in family law and working on behalf of foster care children. Her unique life experiences allow her to bring a special empathy and dedication to her work.


Nathalie was born and raised in Haiti and grew in an SOS Children’s Village. When she was 16, she left SOS to finish high school in the U.S. She then graduated from Penn State. She earned her J.D. at University of Florida.


Nathalie was in her final semester of law school when Port-au-Prince was devastated by the 2010 earthquake that we are all so familiar with. And, I’ll ask her today to share some of what she experienced at that time.

After law school Nathalie was appointed as Child Protection Legal Fellow by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation that was working closely with the Haitian government to help advance children’s rights. When she was selected for the position, Angelina Jolie said “Nathalie is a force … just wait and see. She will be doing many great things. She represents the best of Haiti. She is an extraordinary example. I am proud to know her and extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”


For three years, Nathalie was the Jolie-Pitt legal fellow in Haiti and worked to establish better policies for the protection of children. As a former SOS Children’s Village employee, I had the opportunity to meet Nathalie and spend time with her in the U.S. and in Haiti.  And now, she’s in the U.S., continuing to help vulnerable children.





SOS Children’s Villages Heroes of 2015