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The Ever Better Podcast brings you in-depth, candid conversations with people who are living wholehearted, inspiring and daring lives. Each guest shares projects and practices that help them, their families and communities grow ever better, every day. You’ll hear real-life lessons that might apply to you or someone you know. If you’re new to podcasts, think of them as “radio on demand.”

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009: Mark Neidig, Building Community and Advancing Cancer Research

Mark builds community everywhere he goes! He’s an energetic cancer research advocate, fundraiser, performer, and motivator. Mark shares “what makes him tick” along with the life journey that has taken him and his family from Plymouth, Indiana to The Gambia, to Washington, D.C., to Erie, Pennsylvania, and now to Orlando, Florida. Read More >>

008: Confidence Follows Courage With Laura Zam

Laura Zam is a writer, performer and speaker whose work helps others understand that confidence often follows courage. Laura shares lessons from her larger-than-life mother who was a Holocaust survivor, as well as her personal lifelong healing journey. Read More >>

007: Gregory Berg, Living Life on Purpose

Greg produces the Life On Purpose podcast and, as a multi-media storyteller, he helps clients demonstrate their impact. He discusses how World Domination Summit and Camp Good Life Project motivated him to help others live a remarkable life in a conventional world. You’ll be inspired by Greg’s life journey! Read More >>

004: The Inventor! Connie Inukai’s Second Career and Debut on QVC

Connie’s an inventor who recently launched her first product on QVC called the Tip n’ Split. Listen to this interview to learn how Connie created the second career that she had been thinking about as she raised her children and worked as a college professor. If you liked the movie Joy, about inventor Joy Mangano, you’ll enjoy this interview with Connie! Read More >>

003: Jesse Mejia, Creating a Mission-Driven Business

Jesse was raised in South Central L.A. and rose to be Corporate Strategy Officer at Volkswagen. But Jesse wanted to pursue a full-time occupation that aligned his personal background, his educational experiences, and his calling to help other Latinos achieve some of the same success that he had. He left V.W. to help students and fraternal organizations break through cultural issues to achieve success. Jesse is also an author and sought after motivational speaker.  Read More >>

002: Nathalie Nozile, A Legal Force for Vulnerable Children

Nathalie was named one of the 10 heroes of 2015 by SOS Children’s Villages. After growing up in the SOS Village outside of Port-au-Prince, Nathalie attended college and law school in the U.S. She returned to Haiti to help advance children’s rights as a Jolie-Pitt Legal Fellow. Angeline Jolie said that “Nathalie is a force…just wait and see.” Read More >>

001: Financial Clarity With Deb Williams

Deborah Williams, CPA, has been controller of a commercial real estate company, owned and operated a café, managed her own real estate portfolio, and helps dozens of clients as a CPA. She continues to get ever better through 12 step programs and mindfulness practices and she is now using all this knowledge to help even more people reach financial clarity.  Read More >>

Introduction to the Ever Better Podcast With Lisa Vogt

Join me for each week for discussions with people who will talk about their extraordinary journeys and how they live wholehearted, connected lives that make a difference in the world. Women and men who are often described as “daring” will share their joys, struggles, imperfections, successes and aspirations. You’ll laugh, learn, ponder, and maybe even take notes as you listen to stories of resilience, perseverance, and originality that might apply to your life or that might help your friends or family. I hope you’ll find inspiration and ideas to help stay on track when life is going your way, and tips to help navigate the challenging times we all experience. Read More >>

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