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The Ever Better Podcast brings you in-depth, candid conversations with people who are living wholehearted, inspiring and daring lives. Each guest shares projects and practices that help them, their families and communities grow ever better, every day. You’ll hear real-life lessons that might apply to you or someone you know. If you’re new to podcasts, think of them as “radio on demand.”

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042: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Maggie Huffman Shares Why You Don’t Need to Choose!

Have you ever said to a friend, “I need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up”? But you’re already are a “grown-up” with a successful 20+ year career behind you. Well…you’re not alone! And, you really don’t need to choose. This is just one of the topics that Maggie Huffman, a self-described poly-serial-multi-enthusiast, discusses on the podcast. After working in the wine industry for over 20 years, Maggie figured out how to blend her many interests into a fulfilling and joyful life. She discusses the catalyst for getting her life in balance and how to test out projects to find what interests you.

041: How to Love Where You Live With Melody Warnick

“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” While planning her last move, from Austin, TX to Blacksburg, VA, Melody Warnick began thinking that she might be addicted to moving. She began researching, and discovered that 12% of Americans move each year and the average American can expect to move 11.7 times. Melanie’s research led to discover “placemaking,” the practice of making your community more livable. In our discussion, Melanie shares some of her placemaking projects that have resulted in her feeling “at home” more quickly than she ever has before, making a difference in her community, and finally putting down roots!. She shares projects that can be done alone, with children, or with a group and discusses her book, This Is Where You Belong.  Read More >>

040: Pam Slim, Creating Community as a Body of Work

Pam Slim has a passion and talent for building intentional communities and helping small businesses grow. Her best-selling books “Escape From Cubicle Nation” and “Body of Work” have helped entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world are favorites of mine! Pam’s belief that we can enjoy our lives and ensure economic well-being for all, were instrumental in creating K’é, a small business, community space in downtown Mesa, Arizona, where she conducts classes, hosts networking events, and creates virtual programs. K’é, means “kinship” in the Diné culture and Pam discusses how we are all inter-related. Read More >>

039: Jessie Newburn: Uber Chronicles, the Gig Economy & Burning Man

Jessie Newburn is a Gen Xer who is very involved with multiple communities! She’s an engaging story-teller who shares her experiences driving for Uber and writing a book about her passenger interactions. We discuss the themes of community that her home, Columbia, MD were built on, and Jessie gives us a glimpse into the Burning Man Festival, a 9-day gathering of 70,000+ people in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Read More >>

Journal 007: Hidden Hollywood with Tasia Valenza, Lori Hart & Sarah Shaw

This week’s Ever Better Podcast is a journal episode that features discussions with three women who play a behind the scenes role in movies and television shows. Each of them uses their talents, skills, and experience to make a difference to the people that they work with. And as you’ll hear, each one has a very positive influence on the communities they are involved with. These women are Tasia Valenza, my guest on Episode 014, Lori Hart, from Episode 030, and Sarah Shaw, from Episode 037. Read More >>

038: Pam Felix, a Life Full of Laughter with the D.C. Improv and California Tortilla

Pam Felix has created a life full of laughter for herself, her family, her customers and employees. She’s the founder of the D.C. Improv, a comedy club, and California Tortilla, a casual restaurant that services Mexican re-imagined. Pam says that her businesses are built on having fun and given that California Tortilla has grown into a successful franchise with over 50 locations, Pam’s clearly onto something. Read More >>

037: Sarah Shaw, Celebrity Marketing Power

Sarah Shaw works with entrepreneurs to help get their products into the hands of celebrities, in the media, and out into the public. Sarah is connected to Ever Better through a previous podcast guest, the amazing Connie Inukai, who is working with Sarah to market her Tip n’ Split, a device created for use in restaurants. Connie is a retired professor turned inventor who is thoroughly embracing her second act! Read More >>

036: Deborah Owens, Corporate Alley Cat

Deborah Owens, Founder, Corporate Alley Cat

Deborah Owens founded Corporate Alley Cat to provide a safe space where people of color can discuss and address challenging situations. It’s a destination and a community that offers tools, strategies, and access to experts who offer individual coaching. Racism silences many. People fear the repercussions of speaking out in the work place. Deb chose not to be silent, she chose not to give into fear. Her motto, “Sometimes you got to get scrappy!” did not let her down. She used encounters with a boss who marginalized her as an opportunity to speak out, to change the company culture, and then go on to found an organization that invites others to do the same. Listen to the podcast to hear Deb discuss the story behind Corporate Alley Cat, the steps she took to start her business, and where she finds inspiration.  Read More >>

035: Meg Daly, Creating the Miami Underline

After breaking both her arms in a bicycling accident, Meg Daly was forced to explore Miami without a car. During a walk, she envisioned a beautiful space under the Metrorail for biking, walking, and community events. Her vision is now known as the Miami Underline! She’s assembled a public/private partnership that includes almost 1,000 volunteers who are creating a 10 mile linear park, urban trail, and living art destination that will link to other trails in the Miami area. In our discussion, Meg shares how leading this project has transformed her life and give her a deeper connection to her city. Meg believes that all ideas are good and provides suggestions for transforming an idea into a real project!  Read More >>

034: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Leading by Influence

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is a woman who gets things done! For 25 years, she has represented Washington, D.C. in the House of Representatives. But because D.C. is not a state, she cannot vote for legislation on the House floor. Listen to the podcast to hear behind-the-scenes stories of how she gets things done! She shares her perspective on why African-American boys have fallen behind girls, the importance of the family structure, and where she draws inspiration. Congresswoman Norton is motivated by this belief: “You’ve got to understand the progress you’ve made, but any satisfaction with it is deadly, and will keep you from moving forward.” Read More >>

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