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The Ever Better Podcast brings you in-depth, candid conversations with people who are living wholehearted, inspiring and daring lives. Each guest shares projects and practices that help them, their families and communities grow ever better, every day. You’ll hear real-life lessons that might apply to you or someone you know. If you’re new to podcasts, think of them as “radio on demand.”

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062: How to Take Action on Your Ideas With Steve Garguilo

Steve Garguilo is a man who knows how to make things happen! In our discussion, he shares how he starts with an idea and then works towards getting it done. He’s developed what he calls “a bias for taking action” and now he’s helping other people do the same. You’ll also hear Steve share some of the ideas from his recently published book: Surge: Your Guide to Put Any Idea Into Action. Steve and his friends Matt Kane and Sergiy Skoryk collaborated on the book after they created an adult summer camp focused on making things happen, aptly named Action Camp. One of Steve’s secrets to his success is staying connected to like-minded people who hold each other accountable for getting things done. Hearing him talk about giving TED talks, driving the Mongol Rally through Europe and Mongolia, starting a camp for adults, and writing his book will make you start planning your “action list!” Read More >>

061: Self-Care Tips from Nancy Stevens, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

Nancy Stevens, is a Lifestyle, Health, and Wellness Coach who lives with her family in Nashville, TN. She speaks with many people who feel numbed and removed from their personal needs. In our discussion, she offers self-care tips that she uses with her clients to help get their life back in balance. Read More >>

060: How to Make a Difference as a Citizen Scientist With Dr. Caren Cooper

Dr. Caren Cooper is passionate about involving people in the scientific process as citizen scientist. During our discussion, Caren shares how residents of Flint, MI acted to have their water tested and their voices heard, and how Cape Cod residents took action when they noticed higher than normal breast cancer rates. Caren’s recently released book, Citizen Science: How Ordinary People are Changing the Face of Discovery, details the history, process, and importance of people working in conjunction with scientists to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. She says: “Citizen science advances new knowledge that wouldn’t be possible without collaboration between scientists and the public.” Read More >>

059: Starting an Eco-Adventure Travel Company With Diane Valenti

How and why does someone start an adventure travel company? Diane Valenti joined me on the podcast to share her story. As a corporate consultant specializing in instructional design, Diane works with Fortune 500 companies. She loves to travel and jump into new projects. But it was a vacation with her father in Peru that truly activated Diane’s adventurous side! During that holiday, Diane “met a guy,” returned several times to visit, and was inspired to activate a different kind of travel company. She created Llama Expeditions to offer travelers an authentic experience in South America, and an opportunity to work with local non-profit organizations. Read More >>

058: Unraveling the Mystery of Our Dreams With Dr. Michael Lennox

Dr. Michael Lennox is a spiritual teacher, a psychologist, an astrologer, and a dream interpreter. His intimate understanding of the subconscious mind, and of our collective connection to the universe resonates through his dream interpretations. He believes in the power of using your voice and explains how he expresses gratitude, out loud, each morning. He says “Something spoken out loud is more powerful than something thought quietly in the mind.” Michael is the author of three books, including The Complete Dictionary of Dreams and says that all of life is interpretable as a dream. Michael says, “Let your dreams speak powerfully as you tell yourself the story of you.” Read More >>

057: Shannon Varley’s Quest to Own a Farm – Part 2

This is part two of a conversation with Shannon Varley, about her journey to find, purchase, and raise her family on the farm of her dreams. After the emotional ordeal of losing their home to a fire after carefully restoring it over two years, the Varleys wondered if it was time give up on farming. Shannon toyed with the idea of opening a bed & breakfast, but she knew in her heart she shouldn’t relinquish her dream. You don’t have to listen to the first part to appreciate this episode, but to hear Shannon’s full story, check out Ever Better Episode 56.  Read More >>

056: Shannon Varley’s Quest to Own a Farm – Part 1

This is the story of Shannon Varley’s journey to raise healthy children, grow sustainable, organic food, and nourish the community. I am astounded by Shannon’s determination to build a healthier life for her and her family. In our discussion, she opens up about all aspects of her heartwarming and heartbreaking journey. Her story begins on a farm in Ohio and moves through Maryland, West Virginia, and Vermont where she and her family are now settled. After many years of working towards owning her dream farm, Shannon seems to have finally achieved it. Read More >>

055: How To Manifest $10,000 With Cassie Parks

Cassie Parks is an author, coach, and podcast host who discusses how to manifest more money and the importance of rewarding yourself when you’ve been successful. She also discusses the power of getting to know your future self. Cassie was able to retire early from her corporate position by investing in real estate. She capitalized on her entrepreneurial spirit by writing books, manifesting good things into her life, and into the lives of her coaching clients. From her beautiful Denver apartment, she hosts two podcasts: Manifest it Now and Happily Ever After. Cassie’s life motto is , “You are worthy of living the best story you can tell.” Read More >>

054: Persistence and Consistency Lead to Greater Impact

This episode looks into the power of persistence, and how it leads to greater impact. I share examples of today’s female icons contrasted with the amazing women from Tracy Chevalier’s novel, Remarkable Creatures, whose steady work and scientific breakthroughs are largely unrecognized. Later in the podcast, we hear how Conner Vogt (my son!) is continuing his musical progress through creating beats. Read More >>

053: Joy Where You’d Least Expect It, With Robert Sharpe

Robert Sharpe is an inspiring and optimistic man who brings out the best in people. His live radio show, Bringing Inspiration to Earth is filled with inspirational triumphs from people who have overcome adversity. Robert reminds us that opportunity comes in many different forms, and to explore ideas to find hidden treasures lurking in the unfamiliar. Read More >>

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