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The Ever Better Podcast brings you in-depth, candid conversations with people who are living wholehearted, inspiring and daring lives. Each guest shares projects and practices that help them, their families and communities grow ever better, every day. You’ll hear real-life lessons that might apply to you or someone you know. If you’re new to podcasts, think of them as “radio on demand.”

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072: Paulette Boudreaux: Express Yourself Through Each Chapter of Life

Paulette Boudreaux, award-winning novelist joined me on the podcast to discuss the multi-decade journey that led to her groundbreaking novel, Mulberry, being published by Carolina Wren Press in October 2015. Her experiences include working as a journalist, a public relations professional, an English professor, and earning her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree all while raising her daughter as a single mother. She also discusses moving from Mississippi to San Francisco in 1970 in the midst of a school desegregation movement and how that impacted her. Paulette says that despite living on the West Coast most of her life, her inner monologue has a Southern drawl. Read More >>

071: Seeking Job or Career Opportunities – the Payoff! (How to change jobs like a PRO: part 3 of 3)

This is part three of my series on making a career or job transition like a PRO! PRO is my acronym for the steps involved in Preparing, Researching and Opportunity Seeking. And, this podcast episode is all about Opportunity Seeking. This is when all the advance work really starts to pay off. In episode 65, I gave a five step process for preparing and in episode 68, I discussed three steps for researching that starts with a Positioning Statement. This episode brings together everything I’ve been discussing and touches on my suggestions from previous episodes to provide context. When you have time, go back and listen to Ever Better Podcast episodes 065 and 068. Or, you can review the notes and templates for all the episodes at EverBetterU.com/PRO.  Read More >>

070: Laura Roeder of MeetEdgar – Surround Yourself With Talented People

Laura Roeder, CEO and Founder of MeetEdgar, shares how her parents inspired her to be an entrepreneur and offers tips for encouraging your children to forge their own path. Laura built her company based on location-independence, allowing her employees to work from anywhere. She discusses the pros and cons of this approach, what it’s like to be one of the few female tech CEOs, and how and why she self-funded her business rather than taking venture capital.  Read More >>

069: Becoming Visible With Jessica Handler

Jessica Handler’s memoir, Invisible Sisters, is her story of growing up with two sisters, Susie and Sarah, who both had fatal medical conditions, and how her family did their best to cope. She now uses her experiences, wisdom, and talents to help others heal through writing. Her second book, Braving the Fire, is a guide to writing about grief and loss. In our discussion Jessica reads passages from her books, shares her incredible life journey, and discusses the craft of writing. Jessica is married to a writer and shares what it’s like to have two writers in the same house. Read More >>

068: Research Your Career Transition – Start With a Positioning Statement (How to change jobs like a PRO: part 2 of 3)

This is part two of my three part series on how to change jobs or careers like a PRO: Preparing, Researching, and Opportunity Seeking – three steps to guide your thought processes and activities to make a professional shift. Researching you next move is the focus of this podcast and it starts with creating a positioning statement, then updating your job alerts, creating a wish list of organizations, and searching YouTube and Podcasts for more information.  Read More >>

067: Shifting Perceptions With Beca Lewis

Beca Lewis is a world-class life shifter! She’s been a dancer and choreographer and a certified financial planner. And, she’s currently an artist, writer, life coach, and podcaster. She’s so interested in how people navigate life changes that she created a podcast called Shift the Story! She stays in touch with all generations of her blended family through mastering whatever social media her grandchildren are using. Beca and I believe you are never too old to learn something new – including social media! Beca has an Etsy store where she sells art that features inspirational words and she shares how to get started on Etsy. Beca has a very high energy level and she and I had a great time chatting and laughing and I know you’ll take away some nuggets from this very wise and creative woman! Read More >>

066: Stephanie Dodier: Forced Into a Lifestyle Change and Loving It!

Stephanie Dodier was a vice president at a major retailer in Canada at age 35. She traveled the country opening stores and training employees, and felt like she had her life under control. But one day as she got up to speak at a meeting, her body gave out and she landed in the hospital. Her doctor broke the news that she had experienced a panic attack.
This led Stephanie to examine her life and habits – and to rework just about everything! Today she is 100 pounds lighter, a weight loss coach and clinical nutritionist, and works from wherever she likes (aka “digital nomad.”) In our discussion, Stephanie shares what caused her panic attack, her path since then, and ideas about shifting your life. Read More >>

065: Preparing for a Transition (How to change jobs like a PRO: part 1 of 3)

How do you navigate through transitions in your life? If you’re like most people, no matter how excited you may be for a change, you also feel a tinge of fear underneath the surface. Taking time to prepare and plan for a transition can ease uncertainty and doubt. In this podcast, I discuss preparing for a job or career change. And, you’ll find that the steps apply to other transitions as well. When considering a transition, I use an acronym PRO, which stands for Preparing, Researching, and Opportunity Seeking. This podcast focuses on the first part of the transition framework, preparing. Sign-up for weekly Ever Better emails so you don’t miss my future shows on Researching and Opportunity Seeking. But first – let’s get prepared! Read More >>

064: Be Your Own Voice With Phyllis Piano

Phyllis Piano is an energetic woman with a thirst for life…and great wine! Her first novel, Hostile Takeover: A Love Story was recently awarded the Gold Seal by the Independent Book Publishers Association! Phyllis shares how she rediscovered herself, after years of being too busy at work. She now wakes up at 5 a.m. thinking about recipes and writing and the people that she mentors. She says that it’s good to live a little bit in your head, to let your imagination run wild, and to be true to who you are. After spending decades writing for the corporations that employed her, she feels a sense of freedom from being able to explore her creativity. She says, “Be your own voice. You have to be yourself.”  Read More >>

063: Lorraine Ladish: It’s Never Too Late to Discover Your Passion!

Lorraine Ladish embodies the ‘Ever Better’ state of mind! She uses her bi-cultural background, experience, and energy, to inspire people to embrace age with grace and vibrancy. She’s a self-described 21st-century communicator who founded Viva Fifty Media and the Viva Fifty! online community. A sought-after writer and brand ambassador, Lorraine who has written almost 20 books, including the moving story of her life experiences, Reach: From Single Mom on Welfare to Digital Entrepreneur. During this episode, Lorraine shares the touching story of how a dance studio kept her grounded during rough times, provided her proof that kindness has no boundaries, and opened the door to an opportunity that changed her life. Lorraine’s mantra of “It’s never too late,” is a reflection of her belief in a person’s ability to accomplish anything at any age.  Read More >>

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