Persistence – Cultivating the Skills and Talents That Lead to Greater Impact

I’ve been thinking about the power of persistence and how cultivating your skills and talents will always lead to greater impact. Meryl Streep and Madonna were both recently celebrated for a lifetime of incredible work. To stay at the forefront of acting and music and influence our culture along the way, they’ve persistently cultivated new skills. They both talk about…
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Ten Ever Better Practices From Ten Podcast Guests

My first ten Ever Better Podcast guests are dynamic men and women who live inspiring, joyful and daring lives. They shared their personal practices for continuous improvement and I've captured their key takeaways below. You'll find links to their podcast episodes so that you can readily learn more about each person and their practices.
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What’s a podcast and why would I listen?

What interests you? Have you taken the time to ask yourself that question lately? Are you striving each day to be ever better? With podcasts you can explore your interests on your own schedule anywhere you happen to be. If you have an iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, take a few minutes to browse iTunes. If you have another type…
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Ever Better: The Journey

Over a year ago, I began writing Ever Better: Five Sources for Personal Growth, Happiness, and Confidence to share ideas and resources for staying positive, optimistic and forward-thinking. I had completed my outline, planned out my project and was on track to finish my eBook within twelve weeks. But then…I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since 1 in 8 women…
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Should I Introduce You?

I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their life experiences. I seek out challenges each day and practice continuous learning. So when the radiologist called to report that my breast biopsy revealed cancer, I approached it as the most important research project of my life. I dove into networking, something I enjoy in my daily personal and professional life.…
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Dream Road

Tara Sophia Mohr is a writer, coach and personal growth teacher. Her poem, Dream Road, beautifully illustrates the courage and persistence we tap into and the freedom we experience while on the road to our dreams.   Learn more about Tara at
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